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Narwhals' acoustic behavior described using audio tagging (Wed, 13 Jun 2018)
The clicking, buzzing and calling behavioral patterns of elusive East Greenland narwhals have been described thanks to in-depth recordings.
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Large-scale whaling in north Scandinavia may date back to 6th century (Wed, 13 Jun 2018)
The intensive whaling that has pushed many species to the brink of extinction today may be several centuries older than previously assumed.
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Proactive conservation management strategy urged for North Atlantic right whale (Mon, 11 Jun 2018)
Marine ecologists urge a more proactive conservation management strategy for the North Atlantic right whale.
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WhaleTrails is an app developed for HHR to capture whale sightings on the go and make a fast & easy contribution to whale research. You can explore the sightings on the below map. Download for iPhone/Android.




The HHR research program helps to monitor the health, movement and well-being of humpback whales in south-east Queensland. Our annual systematic surveys reveals exciting and new facts. Check our latest entries on the map below. >>more



You can participate in marine expeditions and support state of the art research. You can learn to rescue marine life and rescue the ocean from pollution. Invite us for guest lectures at schools or  events to raise awareness of whales and dolphins.>>more


We are monitoring the health of marine mammals in south-east Queensland and work closely with governmental agencies, universities, businesses and the wider community to ensure that whales and dolphins are save. Make a wave together.