HHR Volunteer Program - the ocean needs YOU!

Want to have a life-time experience? Want to get close to whales like no one else? You can have this and all in an amazing holiday setting at the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Just e-mail us for day-to-day volunteering. We have trained over 180 volunteers and reached out to thousands of people to make a difference for the ocean and marine life.

Research expedition assistance

Help us doing whale research & conservation! You can be part of our exciting research expeditions in south-east Queensland. Request more details.


Become a HHR member (membership form). You get updates on marine mammal research, reduced prices to our events, workshops and seminars and you can help making a difference for our whales with just 5 AUD.



You can also join us for an internship for periods between 2 and 6 month. You can choose to work on a wide range of task - data collection, data entry & analyses, community engagement, ocean education, design, software development, fluke matching, photography... 

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