HHR CEO & Chief Scientist

Dr. Olaf Meynecke (science@hhr.org.au). Olaf holds a Master in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Marine Ecology.


“All life on earth began in the ocean. Every day surfers and beach lovers feel the power of the sea, which so many of us are attracted to. It is here where we find the largest creatures on earth: whales. And no other story than the relationship between humans and whales could be more controversial. Only decades ago whales were feared and killed to burn their fat in oil lamps, today many of us simply enjoy watching the majestic animals venturing through our coastal waters. Changing perspectives is the key to understanding. What more life changing could there be than seeing the world through the eyes of a whale? Only then we will understand that the ocean is the source of all life on earth.”

HHR President

Joshua Reinke (info@hhr.org.au). Josh has a BSc majoring in Marine Ecology and an Honours in Science.


"I am amazed by the incredible diversity of life found in the oceans, and I believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the beauty and balance of this fragile ecosystem are maintained, so we can continue to utilise its resources. Whales are incredibly charismatic animals and generate a huge amount of interest amongst people around the world, and spreading the message of conservation through whales is a great way to appeal to the public, as well as protecting these apex predators, which are key to keeping ecosystems healthy."

HHR Secretary

Courtney Dacey (info@hhr.org.au). Courtney is undertaking a degree in Marine Science.


"I grew up next to the Ocean.  I feel the most peace on the water and seeing the magnificent whales and marine life that live in it.  I want to protect whales  as what gives people the right to kill anything that cannot defend itself. The more we research and share our findings with the public will assist in stopping the killing and incidental killing like plastic bags, boat strikes, pollution etc.”

HHR Treasurer

Nicole Korneef  (E-Mail). Nicole has a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

"There has always been something about the ocean that has fascinated me as a child, in particular Cetaceans. The way that the blue surface could hide such creature that was so graceful and majestic despite its size in an almost alien world seemed magical to me. But, as I have gotten older, I have realised that this is the ocean's greatest challenge as the surface does not show the problems and issues that are occurring below the waves. I want to work towards educating people on the issues Cetaceans and the  

                                       ocean in general are facing and help work towards solutions that can protect them now and into the  


HHR - Social Media Campaigner

Holly Richmond (E-Mail). Holly is undertaking a degree in Marine Science.

"I believe my purpose in life is to be the change I wish to see in the world. I am endlessly passionate for the research, protection and rehabilitation of our marine ecosystem. I continue to help participate and work towards a healthier future for our earth through the research, education and awareness. The loudest animals in the ocean, need our voice. Help save the whales, and our beautiful oceans!"

HHR - Campaigner

Teleri Ewe (E-Mail).  

"My commitment to environmental conservation and education began when I undertook a scuba diving course several years ago and was introduced to the incredible diversity of marine life. Eventually, after seeing the impact of environmental pollution on the oceans, I undertook a Science degree majoring in Marine Biology. Knowing that all life is inextricably bound to the ocean, I feel we have a duty to conserve and protect the species who depend on it - and therefore us - for their survival"

Researcher - mother/calf behaviour 

Laura Torre (E-Mail)


“I’ve been interested in and fascinated with creatures living in the sea for as long as I can remember. Although I consider myself a mega-faunist – I’m much more captivated by large animals (like humpback whales) then smaller ones, I also recognise the important connections between all life forms. After all, marine plants produce most of the oxygen in the atmosphere, so we can thank them every time we breathe. I believe that if we look after and care for of our oceans; they in turn will look after and take care of us. I believe in the power of education and sharing conservation messages with young people so that they become inspired to take action for the environment.”